Just as our broadcast television over the public airways was hijacked in 2005 without our realizing it had happened, the national audio-radio public airways are being hijacked today.

All of our communities have been providing and will “need to upgrade” antennas** and equipment from the low-frequency 3g wireless cellphone system we use today with subscription access from the “wireless service providers” (Verizon, ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile before mergers after the March 28 auction) because they are going to use the human audio low-frequency spectrum for DATA TRANSMISSON ONLY.

The consolidated low frequency human audio-radio spectrum that our 3g phones use today, excluding the National Emergency Broadcast 800mhz portion, will be resold at the FCC auction* March 28

If we are to retain HUMAN AUDIO COMMUNICATION OVER THE PUBLIC AIRWAYS, everyone should inform their Mayor, County Manager, Governor, Emergency Communications Manager, and any human that will listen, that the FCC AUCTION should be halted until the PUBLIC has an opportunity to SPEAK.

Public officials should demand that the auction be halted and unite in declaring that the low-frequency spectrum should be a national public utility* for audio phones, emergency communications, community radio and community TV.

*With a national public utility for all communities, they could lease wireless access to their phone utility frequency and current low-frequency antennas just as cable corps have made deals with communities across the nation.

*In the auction that ended early April 2015, the FCC granted the AWS-3 (high frequency) spectrum to ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile for $44.9 billion; and they began transition to AWS-3 (Advanced Wireless Services) in October 2015.

The “transition” to the 4g LTE and AWS-3 spectrum will be completed at the end of 2017 rendering human audio 3g phones and all AM-FM radios obsolete and unsupported by your wireless “data service” provider.

**The Flagler County Manager in northeast Florida has announced that the county will need to provide ten 350′ tower antennas (estimated at $20 million) in addition to the existing 3g antennas we have because data transmission travels a shorter line-of-sight distance.  Buildings will have to have special antennas or ? because data phones will have more “dead zones.”

Just as free broadcast television and radio were easily received over the low-frequency PUBLIC AIRWAYS for miles in all directions and through the walls and into your home before digitization and paid cable or satilite subscriptions became necessary after digitization, phone communications will require huge expenditures by communities if they want to enable the wireless corps subscription data sales to their community.

The audio-radio, low-frequency spectrum is the only range that humans can hear and is the one 3g phones use today; once the “bids” are opened on March 28, anything you say on a phone will be digitized and easily accessed from the Utah data storage facility.


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