Addendum – US Senate Medical Insurance

FYI:  Federal Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance aka “Social Security” premiums on employee wages are 12.4% of earnings including employer’s contribution.  An additional premium of 2.9% of employee wages including employer’s contribution is collected for Medicare with coverage starting at age 65.


From Disqus discussion following this article posted Friday 23 June 2017:

TheMagician to karenjj2 • 2 hours ago

The pre-existing is actuarial unsound for obvious reasons. Any plan with this in it is doomed to failure.

karenjj2 to TheMagician • 2 hours ago

not if the composition of the group’s size and ages are well distributed; medicare removed the major group that requires medical care due to age

State Medicaid removes the indigent whose medical needs are patched in emergencies and crisis mode rather than being addressed with preventive care.

and the Veterans Administration takes on all the care of the men and women wounded in any manner while in military service — frequently the rest of their lives …

The plan I’ve posted is a “gift” to insurance corps that forces them to compete for the remaining “cherry picked” business.

TheMagician to karenjj2 • an hour ago

Why would anybody buy car insurance if you could buy it after your car got damaged or was stolen?

karenjj2 to TheMagician • an hour ago

there are penalties for driving uninsured in my state; and uninsured people who are injured are patched at state expense and dumped on the street with huge medical bills — that should be a sufficiently draconian penalty to satisfy the people that can afford medical insurance.

karenjj2 additional note:   people in my community without medical insurance or minimal plans (if it’s likely to happen, you or your child are not covered) has led to a proliferation of “Go Fund Me” appeals.

an additional nation-wide tragedy is the fact that half of all homes lost to foreclosure  are due to medical expenses for a member of the household.


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